Chandler honed his photography skills at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, then moved to Los Angeles working as a photography assistant to some of the worlds most renowned Photographers.

In his professional career he has shot everything from products, portraits, and fashion, to food, architecture and advertising campaigns. His work has been featured in multiple publications, magazine covers and a nation wide billboard for William Rast.

It is the variety of Chandlers work that keeps him motivated and inspired. “I love what I do and I like to think my passion for photography is apparent in my work. I am everyday grateful that I’m able to make a living doing what I love.”

A true artist at heart, Chandler attributes his successful career to five qualities: Passion, professionalism, experience, reliability and creativity. “My clients know they can count on me and that I will always provide them with high-end images that will meet or exceed their expectations. I take pride in providing my clients with exceptional work at a fair price.”

“Establishing good relationships with my clients has been another key to my success. We understand each other and trust each other. I know what their expectations are and they know they can count on me to get them what they want.”

To discuss a project with Chris, get an estimate for a specific shoot, or check on Chandlers availability, please send an e-mail or call him at the number listed on the contact page.